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Asiatic Beauty Antea Age(tm) Cream

Asiatic Beauty Antea Age Cream
Asiatic Beauty White Tea Skincare
Asiatic Beauty Antea Age(tm) Cream utilising White Tea extract is our most successful product delivering visible results as part of your anti aging cosmetic skincare solution.
Antea Age(tm) Cream is specially formulated to help combat the effects of premature aging for all skin types. It contains White Tea extract that helps to neutralize the effect of free radicals & stress on your skin to minimize the look of lines & wrinkles. If used regularly it is capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face & neck within a short period of time.Highly recommended as part of your anti age cosmetic skincare solution. Suitable for all skin types.


Apply it after toning every night. Gently massage onto the face and let it absorb into the skin. Especially good for wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, laughter lines & neck.

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Asiatic Beauty White Tea Skincare Range Of Products

Asiatic Beauty White Tea Skincare
Asiatic Beauty Antea Age
Asiatic Beauty Whitening Bar Soap
Asiatic Beauty White Tea range of quality anti age cosmetic skincare products. Including our flagship product Antea Age(tm) Cream.

Everyone is familiar with Green Tea & its health benefits although White Tea (Camellia Sinensis) is not so well known. It has however shown in scientific studies to have more health benefits than Green Tea because of the extraordinary high level of anti-oxidants it contains.

We have harnessed these powerful anti-oxidants by integrating quality White Tea extract into our new White Tea skincare products resulting in a range of products that not only deliver visible results, but are Innovatively Distinctive, Exquisitely Defined & soon to be Luxuriously Yours.

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Asiatic Beauty Malaysiatic Skincare

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Asiatic Beauty Malaysiatic range of skincare products are made using plants & herbs indigenous to Malaysian rainforests.

Pegaga (Centella Asiatica) has long been used in traditional Malay medicine to treat a variety of skin conditions, it promotes improved circulation & has a cooling & detoxifying effect on the skin.

The pegaga extract asiaticoside has been shown to have wound healing properties by virtue of enhancing anti oxidants at a cellular level, and more recently, researchers have shown evidence that Pegaga extract acts on cells of the epidermis of the skin and promotes keratinization (the process of replacing skin) and the synthesis of collagen (the first step in tissue repair).

The plant is also a good source of vitamins A, B, D and K as well as minerals like magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Although more cosmetic skincare companies are integrating plant & herb extracts into their beauty products few are offering products containing this powerful plant from Malaysia.

Pegaga grown in Malaysian rainforests appears to have an advantage over its contemporaries grown in India & China as it seems that local pegaga has bigger leaves that are juicier and presumably have a richer blend of active ingredients.

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